Best 50 War Movies Based On True Stories

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A war is really something we don’t want to experience. But over decades, history tells us that there’ve been quite some wars that have been fought across the globe. Mostly we end up misunderstanding many things after a war. But a few of the best directors and filmmakers make sure that we get to know all from inside and over the tears we’ve had quite some collection of war movies. Here’s is a list of 50 best war movies based on true stories.

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1- The Great Escape (1963)

The Great Escape (1963)

Attempting to escape from being jailed by the German during WW-II (World War II), a group of captives gets into more difficult than they’ve thought. Because their strategy was not just to escape, but also to divert the Germans attention so that they can take over. But they realized the stakes were too extreme only when the escape turns into reality.

2- Schindler’s List (1993)

Schindler’s List (1993)

Steven Spielberg got a bit of a serious mauling for ignoring the whole 6million who misplaced their lives in the Holocaust, but this film still remains heart-wrenching tear-jerking stuff. His attempt to zero in on 1000 or so lucky survivors, as a technique to highlight the superior tragedy, on the other hand, works. He brings his Spielberg and touches to a tale that’s regarding the dichotomy of guy: within us, everyone is the power to awful acts of evil alongside the control to do untold acts of humanity. The film story is based on the attempts of one Oskar Schindler, played here by Liam Neeson, a man who picks to help as several Jews as possible through his business attempts, proving that in our worst hours, there’s light.

3- The Big Parade (1925)

The Big Parade (1925)

Based on WW-I, this movie is an old but classic war film. A rich man joins the UR force and now he’s eventually sent to France for WW-I. There he becomes friends with two working class man & falls in love with French lady experiencing quite a few horrors of trench welfare.

4- Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

A masterpiece of Spielberg, Saving Private Ryan is a realistic re-creation of WW-II’s D-day invasion &its instant result. Tom Hanks in the role of Capt. Tom Hanks (John Miller) who besides with his men locate Pvt. Matt Damon (James Ryan) and get back to the US. This close Knit squad goes from the exploits of North Korea and Italy. What creates this movie so good? Twenty four-minute Omaha beach scene could just be made by Spielberg. With causalities of US fighters scattered all over, the place looks no less than hell.

5- Hotel Rwanda (2004)

Hotel Rwanda (2004)

This film is based on the incident that killed over one million Tutsis in Genocide in a location named Rwanda. This thing was ignored by most people. But few heroes require not being soldiers. Here, the hero was an owner of a Hotel, who helped over 1500 refugees by providing them shelter at his hotel in order to secure their lives from Militia during the Genocide.

6- The Thin Red Line (1998)

The Thin Red Line (1998)

Set during WW-II, the Thin Red line is drama movie based on the autobiographical novel by James Jones. This movie is about 1 man, Private Witt, who’s left on a Pacific Island with locals. A deserter who currently lives a life of harmony and peace, Private Witt himself captured & debriefed by the U.S Navy. He’s soon assigned to a recent role at the Battle of Guadalcanal but small Witt and his fellow warriors are aware of what awaits them.

7- The Pianist (2002)

The Pianist (2002)

Bases on an Autobiography of Wladyslaw Szpilman are one more outstanding war movie of all time. Wladyslaw Szpilman a Polish Jew pianist plays Piano in the Radio station. He’s the one witnessing his own Warsaw adjustment during the WW-II. Separated from his family, Wladyslaw Szpilman has miraculously controlled to survive through the WW-II.

8- War Dogs (2016)

War Dogs (2016)

War dogs follow 2 friends from Miami, David, and Ephraim who’re down on their luck. Set during the war in Iraq, the 2 friends exploit a government initiative to bid on US force agreements. Starting small, the 2 pals slowly control to their way in the industry eventually landing a whopping 300 Million USD deal to arm the Afghan forces. This lands them in the problem as they’re dealing with few real shady people who’re not the U.S government of the least.

9- Bravo Two Zero (1999)

Bravo Two Zero (1991)

This movie was the call sign of an 8 man Military SAS patrol, positioned hooked on Iraq during the primarily Gulf war of Jan 1991. According to the Chris Ryan’s the patrol were given the job of assembly intelligence, finding a fine laying up position and setting up an observation post on the Iraqi Major Supply Route among North Western Iraq and Baghdad, the task was to find them and destroy Scud Missile launchers along a 250-Km stretch of the main supply route.

10- Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Full Metal Jacket is a base on Vietnam War, and one more war film that is unforgettable. 2 friends separated after war training. One takes a diversion and the other becomes a Marine Crop and moved to Vietnam as a Journalist. Now even being a journalist he has to contribute to the bleeding war. So is he to stay alive?

11- Enemy at the Gates (2001)

The Enemy at the Gates (2001)

The story is based on Russian Sniper Grigoyevich Zaytsev. The film tells us about the fight of Stalingrad that was fought for around 6 months among the Russian Army and Nazis. It was when Grigoyevich Zaytsev caught all eye when he killed 225 Nazi forces with his experience.

12- Lone Survivor (2013)

Lone Survivor (2013)

The Lone Survivor is a US war movie directed and Written by Peter Berg. The movie is based on the 2007 nonfiction book of the similar name by Patrick Robinson and Marcus Luttrell. Set during the Afghanistan war, lone survivor dramatizes the failed US Navy SEALs counter-insurgent mission operation Redwings.

13- Braveheart (1995)

Braveheart (1995)

The story is based on epic poem of Blind Harry. Braveheart is a 1995 great historical medieval combat drama movie directed by & starring Mel Gibson. Gibson portrays William Wallace, a 13th century Scottish combatant who led the Scots in the First Battle of Scottish Independence alongside British King Edward.

14- Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

John Moore in his directional debut starts with a bang as he came-up with Behind Enemy Lines. Based upon the Mrkonjic Grad happening that happened during the war in Bosnia in 1995, Owen Wilson dons a serious role for a change by starring as Lieutenant Chris Burnett. After poking his nose where it didn’t belong, Burnett gets shot down on his plane and have to outrun a pursuing Military leader by a hardcore Serbian Sniper who’ll stop at nothing to find him. With his rescue mission being constrained by internal politics and the chances of Burnett are extremely low.

15- Downfall (2004)

Downfall (2004)

This film is an adaption of the popular book, inside the Hitler’s Bunker. Traudl Jungle lastly gets his desire job as Secretary of Hitler. But now an empire of Hitler is based in an underground bunker. In the film, Traudl Jungle tells us about Hitler’s last days, stories about the preparation of Nazis and Eva Braun for the coming end.

16- Fury (2014)

Fury (2014)

Adapted from a set of small stories from true life military veterans, fury is a story about Sergeant called War daddy. In April 1945, when allies working their way via Europe, War daddy commands his band of warriors and a Military veteran on a lethal mission. Outnumbered, no arms and a rookie soldier in their brigade, they face all types of odds to win the war.

17- 13 Hours (2016)

13 Hours (2016)

In this action pack thriller, Michael bay steals the show, 13 Hours: the secret force of Benghazi based on the US Army operation in Libya. The movie is based on an attack on the US embassy outpost in Libya, that left 4 Americans dead including the Christopher Stevens (US Ambassador). James, Badge Dale, John Krasinski, and Pablo Schreiber are part of an ex-army security team which is tasked with protecting a covert CIA base just a Km away from the outpost. What ensues is some huge gunfire and too many guts.

18- Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Everyone knows what Mel Gibson can do on the camera, but in Hacksaw Ridge he showed everyone what he could do behind the camera as well. Hacksaw Ridge is a remarkable true story based on the heroics of Desmond Doss who saved seventy men in Okinawa during one of the deadliest wars in WW-II. Serving as a Military medic, Doss steadfastly believed that killing is no answer to war and was just US forces in WW-II fighting without an arm. A one-man army, he singles handily evacuated the wounded from behind enemy lines amidst of grenade blasts and bullets. Not only did Doss turn into a battle hero, but he was the initial contentious objectors to the congressional medal honor.

19- The Hurt locker (2008)

The Hurt Locker (2008)

The Hurt Locker is one of best films made about the US attack of Iraq. It follows a military unit that specializes in detonating shells, focusing on the team’s leader, Jeremy Renner, who’s a hardened fighter with a liking for breaking the laws. The power of this film is that it manages to be apolitical, particularly considering the battle it depicts. It does not focus on the reasons US soldiers are find out bombs strapped to blameless Iraqi civilians. In its place, it chooses to focus on the toll that having to create constant life/death decisions takes on the human awareness. As an effect, The Hurt Locker exaggerates the pain & paradoxical psychosomatic traumas that manifest as an outcome of combat. For that cause, it’s one of the top war films of all time.

20- Apocalypse Now (1979)

Apocalypse Now (1979)

An impossible task is given to Captain Benjamin Willard at the peak of the Vietnam battle. Strangely, the task does not and will not exist officially ever. His aim to locate the mysterious Green Beret Colonel called Walter Kurtz and eliminates him and his arms who’re running unlawful guerrilla task mission into enemy territory.

21- Jarhead (2005)

Jarhead (2005)

Based on US Marine Swofford’s memoir of the similar name, the biographical drama military film jarhead completely showcase how hard the life of snipers can be. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Swofford, the US Marine dreams of being a sniper is completed to face the nightmares that arrive along with it. Struck with tedium, Swofford gets the option at horrific sings such as storms, demolition, casualties, war, burnt bodies and whole that jazz during the primarily Persian Gulf war in 1991. About losing it when he closely kills a man, Swofford has to accept the arduous life that arrives with being a man of the military.

22- Battle for Sevastopol (2015)

Battle for Sevastopol (2015)

Based on a true story of Lyudmila Pavlichenko is a sole one as not several women can proudly call themselves as a sniper. The Russian lady fighter joined the red military in order to war the Nazi invasion of the USSR and turn out to be one of the deadliest snipers during WW-II. The Combined Ukrainian-Russian Biographical film war for Sevastopol is a superb display of her patriotism but leading actress YuliaPereslid serves as the actual deal for the portrayal.

23- Anthropoid (2016)

Anthropoid (2016)

This movie is a true story based on the mission to suffer out Officer Reinhard Hydrich. 2 soldiers of the Czechoslovakian military in exile, Cillian Murphy (Josef Gabcik) and Jamie Dornan (Jan Kubis) are assigned the job. The 2 men parachuted into homeland that is occupied by the Nazi fighters. Their mission codenamed Anthropoid is to murder Reinhard Hydrich who’s is 3rd in command of the Nazi forces and the major architect of the Final solution. With small Intel and tools, they head-out in this city locked down on a mission that could change the face of the Europe and WW-II forever.

24- Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk (2017)

This is a Second World War movie, and Christopher Nolan mastered this and without many dialogues via 3 angles: War, Land, and Air. This film or I can say more like a dazzling documentary style movie is based on Dunkirk evacuation (Mission Dynamo). We can witness the flight of fighters from the beaches & dock of Dunkirk. It was not about their success alongside the war, but more like, their success for survival.

25- BlackHawk Down (2001)

BlackHawk Down (2001)

Black Hawk down based on the true story of one escalating firefight that which emerged when the US strategy to capture warlord Farrah Aidi in 1993 went away this film allows to focus in remarkably rendered  detail on what occurs when the cold, regimented modern army machine of the west meets a multitudinous overseas rival on the home turf. Not quite indictment or endorsement of modern warfare, but remain grizzly and darning, a close to 2 fours long action packed testifying how much punishment a body can take, and how much destruction and death can sow with recent firepower.

26- Zookeeper’s Wife (2017)

Zookeeper’s Wife (2017)

Zookeeper’s Wife is the true story of a normal working housewife and mother who becomes a hero to hundreds during the WW-II. Set in Poland, 1939, the movie essays the story of zabinska and her husband, Jan Zabinski. When their nation is invaded by the German forces, Jan and Antonina start working with the resistance to protect several of innocent’s lives. She put her kids and herself online amidst the chaos that strikes Warsaw in the center of the World War II.

27- Pearl Harbor (2001)

Pearl Harbour (2001)

Based on true life historical parts, the film captures the story of 2 best friends who fall in love for the similar girl. Danny and Rafe both enter WW-II as pilots. Rafe is so keen to fight that he joins British’s Air Force command. Back at the house, his girlfriend, Evelyn finds calm in arms of his best friend. But when Rafe arrives back, he tackles Danny. But all changes when Japanese forces drop bombs on Pearl Harbour location of Navy.

28- Born on the Fourth of July (1989)

Born on the Fourth of July (1989)

In this movie Born on the fire, stone tells the story of Ron, who joined the Marines as an enthusiastic young age patriot and arrive home a paralyzed antiwar activist. Tom Cruise made his 1st Oscar nomination for his lead role that acquired him to play against Movie star of much of the film, in which the wheelchair-bound and recently politicized Kovic leads a series of antiwar protests to bring attention to the young boy who was ripped form comfortableness of house, voluntarily or otherwise & literally dropped into a forest to defend their nation.

29- Days of Glory (2006)

Days of Glory (2006)

The small discussed plight of the ill-treated forces of North Africa who valiantly fought for the Allied soldiers in WW-II is the topic days of Glory, which concerns itself with how the utter poor Algerians faced at home drove them to connect the French army campaign against the Nazi forces, however, once recruited, the boys, unsentimentally played by a foursome of actors including Jamel Debbouze fight to not let discriminatory treatment by the army brass quell their patriotism for the homeland.

30- We Were Soldiers (2002)

We Were Soldiers (2002)

Based on the true story and top-selling book, we were soldiers is a battle drama that shows the story of the 1st war among Vietnam and US. A movie that depicts bonds of soldiers between their troops really. The loyalty, valor, and heroism are something that attracted a lot of viewers to this movie.

31- Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)

Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)

In this movie, Charlie Wilson’s War tells the great story of the taxes congressman who not just stopped the Russians form overtaking Afghans but also led the collapse of the Soviet Union. With the support form CIA operative, Wilson spearheaded to give the Millions of dollars in the arms and training to the Mujahideen who formed the rebel soldiers of Afghans. Tom Hanks plays the Brilliant Role of Wilson with the Adams, and Emily Blunt ensemble the cast.

32- D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear (2003)

D.C. Sniper 23 Days of Fear (2003)

In this movie director, Dave Ericson reminds the public how terrible were the 2002 snipers attacks. Holding Maryland, Virginia and Washington in a Grip of fear, murderers John Allen and Lee Malvo engage in a murdering spree and leave the locals in a state of shock. After tireless efforts of Chief of Charles of the County Police department of Montgomery bear fruit, the 2 criminals are brought to justice although being the archetypal least likely suspect.

33- Men of Honor (2000)

Men of Honor (2000)

Men of honor are an army drama based on the life of the first African American diver to serve in the US Navy, Carl Brashear. The movie boasts of a few fine acting by Cuba Gooding. Who plays the role of Brashear and the Robert De Niro as MC (Master Chief) Billy Sunday? The movie portrays Brashear’s life, the form being in a sharecropping family to living his dreams in United States Navy.

34- Letters from Iwo Jima (2006)

Letters from Iwo Jima (2006)

Old buried letters form a land reveal a story of survival and struggle at small islands in Japan during the WW-II. Notes reveal that General, TadamichiKuribayashiidentifies that he and his men would not be capable to survive on the land, but provides his complete using his stunning army skills to keep off American multitudes form them.

35- Defiance (2008)

Defiance (2008)

Based on the real-life tale of Bielski Brigade, Defiance is a story of a time when Nazi armed forces slaughtered Jews of Europe in the year 1941. 3 brothers Zus, Tuvia, and Asael manage to escape the killing and take refuge in the jungle. Looking for revenge, they turn their regular life into war against Nazi forces and also found a mobile establishment where numerous other refugees combined them.

36- American Sniper (2014)

American Sniper (2014)

The movie follows the life of Kyle, who turns out to be the deadliest marksman in History of US Military with kills 255 form 4 tours in Iraq war, 160 of which were officially confirmed by the defense departments. While Kyle was celebrated for his victory, his tours of duty look a large toll on his individual and family life.

37- A Mighty Heart (2007)

A Mighty Heart (2007)

Researching a tale on shoe bomber Reid, A South Asia Bureau Chief, Daniel Pearl and his 6 months pregnant wife, Marianne arrives in Karachi, Pakistan. A bit did they identify that their lives were going to modification forever as a lead to elusive sources had something else on his brain. One day in the morning, Daniel left his hotel room just to be found 9 days later, beheaded and his body decomposed and cut into 2 pieces. The movie shows Mariane’s courage to grow above bitterness and hatred that followed the attacks of 9/11. Angelina Jolie’s plays a role of Mariane Pearl is touted as one her best performances till date.

38- The Imitation Game (2014)

The Imitation Game (2014)

This movie is based on the life of Alan Turing; one of the mainly celebrated and well-known British Scientist, the film is set in the year 1939, when Turing was appointed by MI6 to break Nazi codes including one of the hardest codes, Enigma- that remains unbroken. Turing’s group succeeds in doing so and also creates a machine that can decode the codes. But in the year 1952, an unlucky occasion disgraced this mastermind and authorities blame him for being Gay & send him to jail.

39- Lincoln (2012)

Lincoln (2012)

Not only a tale about America’s most well-known President, Abraham Lincoln. It is a story about when the US was torn due to the Civil war & Slavery was a matter that was eating-up Lincoln’s mind. His political smartness, profound insights, and courage that completed him end the civil war and eliminate slavery from the US are what the movie is about, and a must watch thriller!

40- Red Tails (2012)

Red Tails (2012)

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrance Howard ensemble in this war movie, Redtails, based on the mid-air battles during WW-II In 1944, the Pentagon leaves no possibility to win the battle and recruits untested African-American fighters from the untried Tuskegee training plan. Just as they’re about to be shelved, they’re asked to serve their country in a mid-air dual with the Nazis soldiers. These young boys call themselves as Red Tails & show their bravery on the grandest phase, fighting for their nation and the destiny of the free earth.

41- Argo (2012)

Argo (2012)

In 1979, the Iranian revolutionists have taken 52 US captive at the Embassy of United States in Tehran. 6 cope to escape and take shelter at the house of the Canadian Ambassador. With blameless lives at stake, a man is sent to put away them before time runs out. Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez is CIA “exfiltration” expert whose job is cut-out, save the captive and get them home securely. The movie is about one of the most audacious covert operations to release 6 American and the tale that unfolded behind the sights of the Iran captive. Tony hatches a strategy so unbelievable, it looks more like a Hollywood movie, and no doubt Argo got the Best Movie Awards at the 85th Academy awards occasion.

42- Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Zero Dark Thirty is an American thriller film. Billed as “the story of history’s greatest manhunt for the planets most dangerous human, the movie dramatizes the decade-long manhunt for a leader of al Qaeda Osama bin Laden after Sep 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the US. This search finally leads to the detection of his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The attack is approved and is executed on 2 May 2011. Even though the execution is difficult by one of the planes crashing, the US Navy SEALs get entry and kill lots of people within the bunker, between them a man on the bunker’s top floor who is exposed to be Osama bin Laden.

43- The Great Dictator (1940)

The Great Dictator (1940)

This is a first true talking movie. The film is based on Adolf Hitler. Chaplin plays both characters of the Dictator Adenoid Hynkel and poor Jewish barber, who’s a doppelganger of the dictator.

44- 84C MoPic (1989)

84C MoPic (1989)

Like a lot of an embedded Vietnam War doc, 1984 Charlie MoPic chases a team of homesick GIs into the forest, where things later go south, and the resulting chaos is bottled in the half-heard, have seen footage taken by the cameraman. Just Patrick Sheane Duncan’s MoPic is not a documentary at all, but one of the ground-breaking examples of the found footage film. The story is perfunctory; with 84 Charlie MoPic, a Vietnam vet filmmaker applies the pseudo-doc method to invoke something like the trembling terror the fighter on the land in that battle must have felt.

45- Platoon (1986)

Platoon (1986)

A student, Chris Taylor, gives up his educations to join up for Vietnam War. But when he gets to the soil, his idealism and courage fade. A rising hidden conflict among his 2 staff sergeants turns the fighters alongside every other and then, the entire hell breaks loose!

46- Rescue Dawn (2006)

Rescue Dawn (2006)

The movie is based on the actual life escape tale of Dieter Dengler. Dieter was the singular American POW to ever get away from a camp in the Laotian forest. The movie traces his ride from side to side fierce wilderness & death-defying prison. It was the unconquerable will of the man that remains him going and he comes into views before the press as a handsome guy. It is the entire about the man’s achievement alongside impossible odds.

47- Valkyrie (2008)

Valkyrie (2008)

It is a true story to gun down Hitler in July 1944, mission Valkyrie was a combined effort of Hitler’s warriors to murder him and overthrow the 3rd Reich. Col. Claus Von Stauffenberg is faithful towards his nation and Nazi party, but terrors that Hitler will consume the nation. He joins a team of like-minded and top ranking people to defeat Nazi regime from within. Stauffenberg develops into the key man to shoot the evil dictator.

48- The Railway Man (2013)


What occurs when somebody tries to chase their past? Eric Lomax is a past prisoner of war and an ex-British defense force officer. One day he gets to understand that his torturer is remaining alive. He alongside with his wife then sets out to tackle the man who tainted his life forever.

49- The Monuments Men (2014)

The Monuments Men (2014)

You got save art as well during battles and ‘The Monuments Men’ is the entire about this. The Monuments Men is an action pack drama about a World War II the task of salvaging the artistic masterworks from getting shattered by the invading Nazi thieves. Matt Damon, George Clooney, and Cate Blanchett star in this movie that is about rescuing not people but are trapped at the back enemy lines! With the German army ordered to demolish all from the Louvre to the Reich fell, it is up to these guys who race alongside time to protect 1000 years of civilization from getting decomposed. Directed by George Clooney, the movie essays the fight of man to remain the few of the remarkable creations of mankind.

50- Beasts of No Nation (2015)

Beasts of No Nation (2015)

Child forces are something that we’ve forever heard of but not at all paid much concentration to the issue. Beasts of No Nation are a real story based on the civil war in Africa. A violent warlord trains a young boy to connect his group of Gorilla fighters.

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